Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Cure For The Outbreak


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    1. My Grandand once told me, in WW2 he saw Chuck shoot down a German bomber by pointing at it and saying "Bang!"
      Indeed nobody messes with Chuck!

  2. One problem with this.....

    There can only be ONE CHUCK NORRIS!!!

    1. It is possible to have a zombie Norris'
      It's just that only a Mr. T zombie has teeth strong enough to break the skin of Norris!
      And if anyone thinks that Mr. T could ever be caught by a zombie then they are a crazy fool!

    2. Looks kinda pale for a Mr. T zombie ;)
      But that would have been my question: How would a zombie be able to break the skin of Norris?

    3. I fear zombies biting Chuck wouldn't be a viable solution to the outbreak! Instead we should get Chuck to wander the earth dealing with all the infected, one swift roundhouse kick at a time!

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    1. Lol I fear I may have started something I wish I hadn't!

  4. That really made my Sunday and I got very strange looks from the missus who wondered what I was chuckling at.