Thursday, November 29, 2012

Barbarian Hero Miniature

So the other day I had a couple of hours to spare, the baby was out with the in-laws, and all the house work had been done for once. As I sat there, not knowing what to do with myself, I thought id look through some of my fantasy minis that are still in need of painting, as I currently don’t have any unfinished minis to paint for my zombie project.
Sorting through, I found this Barbarian figure, which I think is from Reaper Miniatures, staring at me. As it was already undercoated, and I was bored shitless, I couldn’t resist painting it up.

The Barbarian is slightly larger than most 28mm figures but is still within the scale. By design he is supposed to be of a larger, brutish form of a man. I bought this figure purely based on his size, as he would make an excellent unit champion/ hero in my Warhammer army, or a great D&D adventurer.

Anyway, I thought id share him, as this evening I have finally got round to toying around with the wife’s camera, and finally taken some pictures of a few of my miniatures.

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