Monday, May 14, 2012

Climbing (Good work out much better than the gym)

This is my gym, 'cause the actual gym is boring and climbing is fun; pushing past your limits to get to the top, working out the path then forcing yourself up the wall cause you don’t want to give up or worse, fall off! And when you climb, you know you’re working a new muscle each week! I can feel a genuine improvement as I can climb for longer as well as climbing harder obstacles. 
Also, everything is leveled, so you can start at 1 and keep climbing harder walls. There are probably around a 100 climbing paths; at least at the place I go to it's about 10 minimum per level ranging from under hangs, over hangs, vertical walls, slanted walls, some with sticky out bits and some with sticky in bits! So far, there seems to be enough to keep me climbing different walls each week and gradually moving to harder colours. Overall it’s a good work out (just 2 hours of rock climbing means losing 1320 kcals!) and fun to do.

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