Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shit I Watched: The Hunger Games

A couple of weeks ago i got dragged by the missus to go and see "The Hunger Games". Didn't know what to expect and gotta say i was really surprised. I enjoyed the premise of the whole thing (kinda like Battle Royale but with more meat to the plot).

Shit goes like this:

The Capitol (the centralised ruling point of the society) hosts an event called The Hunger Games every year to remind and oppress the citizens in the 12 districts surrounding it that they're in charge after the guys in district 13 tried to rebel 74 odd years ago.

The idea is that the Capitol has control over all the food supplies and that every time anyone wants some more they have to submit themselves for the hunger games, the more food you ask for the more likely your name is to get pulled out of the hat when the time comes. The main character, an older teenage girl named Katniss Everdeen gets thrust into the center of the whole thing when her younger sisters name gets pulled out of the bucket, hat.....tombola for all i care, and Katniss steps in to take her place.

The film starts to pick up pace dramatically and the kids picked for the hunger games (1 boy and 1 girl aged between 12-18 from each district) get rushed to a training camp to learn how to fight and survive. 

24 go into the arena and only 1 will survive.

The denizens of the Capitol sponsor and bet on which kid they think is gonna fuck the other kids up! and supply them with all manner of weapons and survival kit. its fast paced, got a good story and a little girl takes a spear to the chest! the film is absolutely brutal and i thought it was a good watch.

Take the nippers they'll love it.

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