Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shit I Watched: A Clockwork Orange

Originally a book by Anthony Burgess, "A Clockwork Orange" was transformed into an X-rated movie via Stanley Kubrick and was banned in the UK for over 20 years.

The story begins in a bar, with the main character Alex and his gang dressed in White attire with plastic cod pieces similar to that of a cricketer. They wear black bowler hats and makeup around their right eyes. A synthesized piece of classical music plays in the background as Alex stares through the screen and into your room.

Suddenly, in comes the narration. Cockney rhyming slang mixed with some Russian dialect all spoken in a way that lets you understand every single word without too much thought.

Not even ten minutes into the film there is fighting, raping and beating people half to death after which they rob them of their possessions. Straight away this breaks you into the film at a frantic pace, one that lasts the entire film.

*Possible Spoilers from here*

All is going well for Alex, he's rich from all the stealing, enjoying himself with all the "in and out, in and out" and thinks he is untouchable. That is until one of his gang members decides he wants to be the leader. The rest of the group agree so Alex is setup and plays right into getting put away for murder.

Alex loses everything, he has gone from being the Alpha male in his group of vagrants to a 14 year jail sentence along with being stripped of all his possessions.

But there is hope for Alex, 2 years into his sentence a new treatment is being used that will have him released and out in 2 weeks, with all of his previous good behaviour whilst being locked up he manages to get himself a place on the programme.

However the treatment is not what it seems and turns out to be a brainwashing therapy that makes him feel like he is dying every time he does all the things he previously loved. Sex, fighting, violence and unexpectedly the music that was playing whilst he was being treated

Never the less two weeks later he is out but things gradually get worse as he bumps in to all the people he had previously wronged. They feel he deserves to be punished for all his previous wrongs,torturing him until he can’t take it anymore and attempts to kill himself.

Upon waking after nearly dying he finds out that everything is better than it's ever been.


This film is definitely one of my favourites. I like films that are unique with something new to offer. Though the film has been out a while there hasn't been anything similar. Its full of action and despite the main character being a bad guy you can't help but like him and end up rooting for him. Overall I feel that this film would sit nicely in my top ten all time favourites list.

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