Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rihanna being Naughty.

Rihanna Shares 'White Powder' Pics With Fans...

Star Tweets her crazy Coachella weekend!
Rihanna Shares Suspicious 'White Powder' Pics With Fans...

Rihanna definitely isn’t one to care what other’s think – posting life updates constantly on popular picture site Instagram.

The singer seems to love a bit of controversy and last night was no different, as she found herself in the middle of yet another huge debate after posting a picture of herself ‘cutting up’ a white powdered substance on the top of a man’s head.
The ‘Umbrella’ superstar posted the photo, which was taken at Coachella festival in California over the weekend. RiRi spent the weekend partying alongside BFF Katy Perry and apparently things got rather crazy (and judging by the photos below, even crazier than we expected…)
Rihanna posted two images – one close up and one of herself on the shoulders of this mystery man, before fans caught on and started the huge debate as to whether this substance was marijuana or cocaine.
Over 1000 comments were posted, including questions such as; "Is that weed or coke?", while other comments simply stated the fans’ adoration for the superstar.
The comments led to Rihanna tweeting soon after, "I’m crazy and I don‘t pretend to be anything else."
Rihanna posted even more pictures of herself following her "crazy" weekend at Coachella…including pics with rappers Snoop Dogg and Warren G showing the trio partying hard! Check them out here.
Definitely not one to shy away from the cameras…
Rihanna & Katy Perry party at Coachella!

 Rihanna shows off her body before taking to the stage at Coachella Music Festival

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