Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fifa 12 UT Trophy Guide including Growing Club and "Big Cup" Squad

Quick UT Trophy Guide!

Go for the Trophies in this order as each will help out the other.

Club Legend

To ensure that you get all the trophies as quick as possible, use your first set of coins from playing to buy a gold player that you will always want in your team. He should be around a 84/85 rating, plus make sure he has a formation you are comfortable playing with; I would suggest a fast attacking player who will always make it into your team regardless of what kind of tournament you are playing. If you do this then you will automatically start towards earning Club Legend whilst doing the other four trophies that take effort.

How Great is that?

To get this trophy simply take advantage of Fifa's Deals to buy premium packs; save up your coins for this trophy and don't spend them! To get more coins buy level 75 gold players from the auctions for 250 coins and then quick sell them for 300 coins. Yes, this does work! Also, play tournaments while you wait for your cash flow don't just watch the timer go down! This will also help towards a "Big Cup" Squad

Pack King and Growing Club

These two trophies work hand in hand once you attain How great is that? Use all of your coins to buy bronze packs for 400 coins, store all the players in your squad and sell anything else (unless they're useful like fitness or contracts). Keep doing this and your Club will grow and soon enough Pack King will be attained. Obviously, playing more games to attain more coins will help with Club Legend and these two trophies.

"Big Cup" Squad

Once all other trophies are attained, this is really not that hard to quickly sell some of your club stuff to buy just players. Buy as many cheap level 84/85 players as possible! I would suggest as a good start CM - Nuri Sahin (85) ST - Gomez (86) CAM - Danny (84) CB - Hummels (84) RM - Farfán (84) and CM - Joao Moutinho (84). There are many cheap players that have a high rating; its up to you to find them for this trophy.

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