Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fifa 12 - PS3 Review (Online Play)

The whole point of a review is to give the writers stand point on the subject matter that is being reviewed, thus leading the reader to having a positive or negative review on said subject, by emphasizing the finer or failing points about the product with whimsical writing patterns, clever puns and through detailed breakdowns of plots and subplots.Without a doubt setting, them out in a way that makes you want to experience the product or steer clear due to the ramblings of an altogether "mad man" (yes that's me). Well to put it simply, Fifa 12 has no plots or subplots, neither does it have a compelling story or even a real purpose to "complete". Fifa is simply a theatre, where gamer's can pit their skills against one another on one of the finest arena's ever conceived... a football pitch.

Fifa 12 Online play is forever growing with more and more reasons to stop playing your everlasting career mode and enter one of the many different types of online mode including, Head to Head seasons, Pro Clubs or the ever more popular Ultimate Team. It is the latter that I would also like to emphasize as my choice of battle arena simply because you can create your own club slowly growing in stature by buying packs through the use of coins which you can win in tournaments.You can add more players, change your teams badge and strip (although guide lined down the existing clubs and badges). The best thing about Ultimate team therefore is the ability of change, whilst playing head to head seasons is great for a couple of rounds,it becomes very repetitive. You as the player choose pretty much the same select teams, facing pretty much the same select teams, whereas Ultimate team forces you to chop and change your team so that you can enter tournaments with a different requirement, allowing for a better depth in your game play than just turning up and kicking ass.

Another great factor about playing Ultimate team is the fact if you are a trophy whore (like me) it is a great place to earn trophies for Fifa 12. In fact, twelve trophies can ONLY be earned whilst playing UT. Whilst most are relatively simple as many of the trophies are in Fifa 12, Growing Club , "Big Cup" Squad , Pack King ,  Club Legend and Trophy Time all require a good deal of effort. So if you like Fifa 12 but haven't given UT a try i would suggest doing so if not only for the trophies but for the satisfaction of pulling your first in form player out of a pack and showing your next opponent just how to use him. To get to guide Follow this link Quick UT Trophy Guide!

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