Saturday, April 21, 2012

Angry Birds Space

In Space no one can hear you squeal.......
With a combined 700 million+ downloads across all platforms and having 3 of its game variations in the top 10 most downloaded games of all time, Angry Birds is certainly not a game to be missed.
but when talk began of another Angry Birds title due to be released in early 2012 I was skeptical and wanted to see how another rehash of the same game was going to be received.

Now we all know die hard fans of a series are always going to buy sequels to their favourite games and movies, In fact the lovely Mrs. D is one of those die hard fans and owns a copy of every Angry Birds game ever released (she's completed them all 3 star too!!) but for the rest of us is a blatant
re-releasing of the same game with different looking levels and the odd new character enough to keep us downloading this behemoth of a sales machine........ well no.

So Rovio the company who are responsible for Angry Birds and its many variations have done the impossible and actually managed to take this simple and enjoyable game and improve it.

I won't go into too much detail here because everyone and their granny has played Angry Birds at some point. But for those of you who are maybe recovering from a catastrophic car accident where in your hands were ripped from your body, leaving only bloody stumps at the end of your arms and they have up until only recently been able to be re-attached to you through an advancement in medical science, the aim of the game is as follows.

Green pigs have stolen our bird friends eggs. You help the birds by firing them from a catapult to hit the pigs and their little piggy fortresses that they have built. You have to destroy all the pigs on the level with however many birds you have been issued. less birds fired equals a higher score. Simple.

Angry Birds Space is the game we know and love but with a massive game change.

The previous games we all about firing your birds at the correct angle and speed to hit a sweet spot on their little piggy barricade and bring the whole thing crashing down on the kidnapping swines heads. Space however works differently, you see in space no one can hear you squeal!!!.................. no but seriously there's no gravity, so launching your bird off just sends him hurtling through space till he hits a probe somewhere near Uranus (lol). the whole point in AB Space is that each level has a different set up of gravity fields with either a stronger of weaker pull on your projectile poultry, meaning if i fire a bird on one level the same trajectory on another wont have the same result and some levels even consist of multiple fields just to make you think a bit more.

As always new challenges and new birdy ammunition make an appearance which all fit into the game and there are some hidden secret levels for those of you that manage to find the illustrious golden eggs.

All together Angry Birds Space is much the same game that we have come to enjoy with just the right amount of new material to warrant another download of our favourite feathered friends. After all it is only .69p

As Mrs. D would say " I keeled doe's Pigs"

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